Some scripts I find useful

This page contains a list of short scripts that I find useful. Documentation is scarce, but one can usually understand how to use the scripts by reading the first few lines of the source code. It could be that these scripts assume certain packages are installed on your machine. If these packages are missing, the script will probably crash. Use at your own risk.

Runs a command given as argument and kills all descendants if time or memory limit is exceeded. Should be very easy to use.
Merge a number of bib files into a single bib file. If the duplicates have the same key, their fields are merged and only one key is placed in the destination file.
Merge a number of pdf files into a single pdf file
Check if there are any fonts that are not of Type 1 and attempt to embed all used fonts
Rename the files in some directory according to some regular expression (=~ s///)
Remove all temporary files created by CMake
Remove all .svn directories from a given path
Gets the color of the top-left corner of an image and sets it as the transparent color in that image
Convert a set of .ppm files to a movie (.avi)